BOOTLEG (Ep. 13): Kelly Bryant Calls The Hogs

BOOTLEG (Episode 13)

Former Clemson Tigers quarterback Kelly Bryant visited Arkansas over the weekend, so Nikki Chavanelle joins Kolby and Bratke to discuss those details, plus the likelihood that the Hogs can win his services. 

Elsewhere, is Urban Meyer angling towards his second health-related retirement? And why doesn't UCF athletic director Danny White understand how college football works?

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1:35 — Kelly Bryant Calls the Hogs

5:31 — Nikki Chavanelle's On the Line

23:00 — Danny White Is Still Complaining

40:50 — Ohi-Uh Oh

51:27 — Makin' Some Picks

1:06:08 — Very Good Dogs

1:11:10 — Amari to the Cowboys

1:17:37 — There's No Crying In Football

1:20:10 — Swag Kelly's Halloween Party Experience