No Regrets: Cal Strength NFL Combine Camp (Trailer)

In the Spring of 2016, FloElite attended Cal Strength's NFL Combine Camp where athletes looking to make the League are invited to work on and hone their skills for the NFL Combine under the knowledgable eye of Cal Strength's Head Coach, Dave Spitz. At the Combine athletes perform physically, showing off their athletic prowess, and are aggressively interviewed with surprising and brain-teasing questions over the course of a weekend. The athletes are tested physically and mentally with millions of dollars on the line.

The preparation that goes into the NFL Combine is intense and all-encompassing at Cal Strength's Combine Camp. Nutrition, physical training, mental training: it's all included and designed to make sure the athletes can show up to the Combine and perform. Dave Spitz's goal is simple: those athletes should show up and give the Combine their best and leave with no regrets.

**Warning Graphic Language**