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Every Contender Holds Serve, Nine Teams Remain In The Race

Nothing to see here.

Anyone with a shot at the College Football Playoff held serve on Saturday. Seven of the top eight cruised. Oklahoma did not cruise. No matter, all survived and advanced to another week of what essentially amounts to an extension of the playoff at this point.

The Top Four

1. Alabama (10-0)

Why? Because Alabama is a machine.

2. Clemson (10-0)

Why? Dabo can sell the whole 'Alabama vs. Everyone Else' scenario all he wants, but the fact of the matter is that Clemson is right there. Another week, another impressive, lopsided victory for the Tigers has Swinney's bunch right where they want to be.

3. Notre Dame (10-0)

Why? Notre Dame's uniforms were hideous, but the on-field product was beautiful in Saturday night's blowout victory over Florida State. If the Irish keep winning—ugly or not—they have nothing to worry about.

4. Michigan (9-1)

Why? The Wolverines have to be considered the favorite for the fourth and final playoff spot at this point, with one more marquee win waiting in the form of Ohio State.

The Contenders

5. Oklahoma (9-1)

What's It Going To Take? Someone needs to slip and drop a game. Preferably Notre Dame. And, while we're at it, Alabama needs to eliminate Georgia, as well.

6. Georgia (9-1)

What's It Going To Take? Georgia still completely controls its own destiny. Win out and beat Alabama in the SEC Championship (easy enough, right?) and the Dawgs are going back to the College Football Playoff regardless of what happens with everyone else.

7. West Virginia (8-1)

How Convoluted Is The Path? See: Oklahoma.

The Outsiders

8. Washington State (9-1)

What'll It Take? A bunch of dominos need to fall, but it's far from impossible. The Cougars need to win out and pray for chaos.

9. Ohio State (9-1)

What'll It Take? If the Buckeyes win out, they're very likely into the dance.

The Best Of The Rest

10. LSU (8-2)

11. Syracuse (8-2)

12. Central Florida (9-0)

13. Texas (7-3)

14. Utah State (9-1)

15. Iowa State (6-3)

16. Florida (7-3)

17. Washington (7-3)

18. Penn State (7-3)

19. Cincinnati (9-1)

20. Kentucky (7-3)

21. Utah (7-3)

22. Boston College (7-3)

23. Northwestern (6-4)

24. Mississippi State (6-4)

25. Boise State (8-2)