2017 St. Pius X High School vs Faith Lutheran High School

2017 St. Pius X High School vs Faith Lutheran High School

Sep 1, 2017

St. Pius X Panthers

Jersey Players Position
1 Trenton Waggoner WR/CB
2 Chase Lane WR/SB/CB
3 Seth Condit FS/WR/CB
4 Ramon Vitulli WR
5 Jalen Curry WR/FS
6 Zion Lewis CB/SS
7 Grant Gunnell QB
9 Kaleb Ducross WR/RB/CB
10 Jacob Jefferson WR
11 Justin Hull RB/SB
15 Matt Dillard DB/WR
17 Coby Roberts FS/QB
20 Ja'kouvis Griffin DB/RB
22 Bruno Forestieri OLB/RB
23 Brice Vooletich OLB/WR
24 Jarvis Johnson WR/CB
32 Ricky Lester WR/DB
34 Levi Marion LB/FB
35 David Selby K/P/OLB
37 Lucas Woods FS
43 Carson Journee MLB/FB
44 Christian Kubosh LB
45 Colby Bonds MLB/FB
50 Miguel Serna DT/OL
51 Jacob Craig OL/DE
52 Drake Parks T
55 Hunter Bull DE/DT
57 Benil Johnson DT/DE/NG
58 Jeremy Garcia C/OG
64 Mckade Mettauer OT/C/DE
65 Wesley Benford OL/DL
66 Brett Ellison C
75 Tyler Vrabel OL/DL
77 Thommy Good DT/NG
78 Matthew Morgan T
90 Alec Harris RB

Faith Lutheran Crusaders

Jersey Players Position
1 Joshua Hong CB/WR
2 Nate Meredith LB
3 Michael Peck WR
4 Charles Dowell SS/WR
5 Justin Chung OLB
6 Myles Price WR/CB
7 Sagan Gronauer QB
8 Elijah Kothe WR
9 Keagan Touchstone CB/WR
10 Taimani McKenzie S/WR
11 Tupe Mccomber RB/OLB
12 Ma'a Gaoteote OLB/WR
13 Briggs Garrison OLB/WR
14 Peyton Thornton WR
16 Gabe Rodriguez WR/CB
17 Brian Dunn WR/CB
18 Eddie Gentile WR/CB
19 Dylan Krueger QB
20 Saundre Spiller RB
21 Jayson Strimling RB/OLB
22 Hunter Kaupiko DE/OLB
23 Keywali Anderson DE/TE
24 Max Roan FS/WR
25 Jared Strong WR
27 Pierce Ellington CB
28 Antonio Vargas WR/CB/K
29 Peyton Simmons CB
32 John Thomson OLB
33 Conor Paravia OLB/RB
42 Carson Cook RB/OLB
50 Cameron McCormick OL/LB
52 Ty Crawford OL/DL
54 Tino DeGeorge OL/DE
55 Trent Teunis MLB
56 Harry Mckeon G/DT
60 Connor Bourne DT
62 Connor Berg OG
63 Micah Chilman LB
64 John Barber T/DE
70 Jacob Granada T/DT
71 Daniel O'connell OL/DL
72 Jacob Freel G/DT
75 Zeke Nomaaea NG
76 Ethan Osan C/OG
77 Jack Studley T
78 Zach Mcpherson OT/DE
79 John Schulte WR
80 Eric Ho WR
81 Dalton Kincaid FS/WR
82 Noah Vernon SS/WR
87 Elijah Lee SS/WR
88 David Heckard TE/DE


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