10 Very Good College Football Dogs

10 Very Good College Football Dogs
Photo: © Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
My beagle, Griffey, loves going to my parents' house -- which is kind of weird considering it's the one home on Earth where he doesn't have free reign inside of the house.

Griffey's dad, Roscoe, was my dog as a kid, and it took us about eight years of begging and campaigning to get Roscoe one single, solitary rug, just inside the back door, that he was allowed to hang out on. The rug could be moved near the fireplace during the holidays or on especially cold nights, but Roscoe couldn't get off of it. He had to surf.

Mom and dad are cool and all. They're just anti-dirt and dog hair. C'est la vie.

Anyway, in spite of the in-home restrictions, Griff gets stupid hype about going to their house because their backyard is the largest he's ever known and he loves to run. Little does he know, some dogs get a yard that's 100 yards long and 55 yards across.

If ever a school switches from Bulldogs to Beagles, maybe he'll get the nod. Until then, these very good boys are the best pups in college football.

1. Jonathan XIV, UConn

Jonathan's birthday was Thursday, so you owe him all the treats and all of the head rubs. The birthday boy is the best good boy.

2. Reveille VII, Texas A&M

Some may ask why the Aggies have a collie (pictured above) for a mascot. Those people should stop asking questions and simply give this very good girl an ear scratch.

3. Uga X ("Que"), Georgia

Georgia won 10 games in Que's first season on the sidelines in 2015, and the Bulldogs back in the top five this season. Que is a good boy.

4. G2 and Boo, The Citadel

On the job since 2013, these two very good dogs are Charleston's finest. Give them another treat.

5. Tuffy ("Wave"), NC State

Oh, you didn't think the Wolfpack had an actual wolf? Well, you're right, but Tuffy -- a Tamaskan -- is probably a better option for the sidelines.

6. Bully XXI ("Jak"), Mississippi State

Jak's formal name is "Cristil's Golden Prince," but Jak works a little better for sports. He took over for his dad, Champ, at the Maroon and White game in 2015 and he's a very good boy.

7. Mission, Northern Illinois

Mission is a handsome Siberian husky who could probably pull the hell out of a sled. Instead, he just watches football. Story of my life.

8. Dubs, Washington

So, as it turns out, Dubs isn't a husky. He's an Alaskan malamute. Potato, potato, right? Right. Dubs is a good boy and Washington Malamutes just doesn't have the same ring to it.

9. Smokey X, Tennessee

If Smokey isn't the most famous college football dog, this bluetick hound is in the top five -- which is a lot more than his football team can say.

10. Goldie, Tulsa

Why have a golden retriever as a mascot when you're named after a hurricane? Better question: Why not? This Golden Furricane is a very good girl.

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